September 17, 2010


Company is open to dancers 18 and over!!

We hope you had a great summer!!! It has been a very nice break for Premier Dance Center, and have been able to step back and make some great changes to our business and productions.

We are so excited for this years production of "God's Messengers", and the beginning of our new company. One thing that was brought to our attention time and time again is that quality is always better than quantity, and so we have wanted to become a more private studio. With this change we will be able to really focus on our dance companies and show productions to create beautiful events that will touch the lives of many. We are looking for 12-14 dancers that are committed and supportive of our program and production who will be able to commit to the show this year wholeheartedly.

We will begin dancing September 22nd at 7:45pm the first 3 rehearsals will be open to any dancers who are interested in being a part of our company. During these rehearsals we will give more information on the company, the production, and the requirements. We will be learning movement that will be used in the actual show, and will determine where everyone stands and from there we will create our new 2010-2011 God's Messengers Inspirational Company.

Dancers will be required to attend and perform in all of our April productions and our Utah tour.

If you have any questions let me know!!